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Eco Cinch Bag - Aqua

Eco Cinch Bag - Aqua

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Good for You. Good for the Planet.

Sustainable, Antimicrobial and Versatile!

Do you have sweaty clothing, dirty shoes or wet swimsuits that you want to keep separate from your other gear? This 12 x 15” antimicrobial bag will protect these items from germs and keep them fresh and odor-free. Simply toss into your bag and go! Wash, dry and reuse over and over! Eliminates need for single-use plastic bags.

Great for fitness, travel, work and everyday.

We’re excited to take another step in protecting our Planet!  We’ll be shipping your Cinch Bag in a 100% compostable mailer.  This sustainable mailer is made from plant material (like corn) and will break down within 6 months in compost.  The only residue left behind is a soil enhancer /plant food!

12 × 15 in

75% Polyester, 25% Polyurethane – 100% eco-friendly.