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Strengthening Handibands
Strengthening Handibands

Strengthening Handibands

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Developed by our very own Center Strength Studios instructor, Martina, The Hooked on Pilates® HANDIBANDS (latex free) will tone your body with Pilates-inspired exercises!  With the set of HANDIBANDS, you are able to mimic Pilates reformer and Pilates cadillac exercises typically done at a Pilates studio, at home or on vacation - the HANDIBANDS are like Pilates equipment which fits in your purse or suitcase - a traveling Pilates studio! They can also be used in conjunction with traditional Pilates equipment. For example, attach the HANDIBANDS to the cadillac, as a lighter spring option or attach to the reformer to add variety to your exercise programming!

The HANDIBANDS set comes with a handle to make holding the band easier and a double loop system for leg exercises.  The smaller loop is designed to attach to the arches of the feet and will stay in place as you transition between exercises.  The larger loop may be used when wearing shoes or when inserting a thigh or perhaps an elbow into it.

Finally, the design of the foot loop features a webbing stopper which allows you to attach the HANDIBANDS in a door jamb - anchoring it anywhere in the door - now you can do Pilates reformer exercises anywhere and Pilates tower exercises anytime - portable Pilates equipment which fits in your suitcase or purse - a traveling Pilates stdio

The set of green HANDIBANDS is heavier in overall resistance than the set of orange HANDIBANDS. However, because the HANDIBANDS are easily adjustable, you are able to get more or less resistance by adjusting the length of the HANDIBANDS.   

The HANDIBANDS set comes with a DVD that includes videos on:  How to use your HANDIBANDS, Basic Pilates Concepts, Toned in Ten Exercises (a full body workout in ten exercises), Firm in Five Exercises ( a workout targeting the legs in five exercises), Stretched in Six Exercises.  The DVD will give you the tools to start doing Pilates at home.  You are busy so the choice is yours whether you do all the workouts or just do one.

There are a number of FREE workouts on the Hooked on Pilates® YouTube channel that will give you even more workout options. 

Now you can do Pilates exercises anywhere, anytime - portable Pilates equipment which fits in your purse or suitcase -  a traveling Pilates studio!  

You also will be supporting a woman owned small business, manufacturing pilates equipment in USA!